Welcome to this introduction of my blog, about me (and some other crazy people that I have not yet met) attempting to cycle the Tour d'Afrique 2019, starting on January 17th in Cairo - Egypt - and ending on May 12th in Cape Town - South Africa.

19/05/17, The Last Day

So unfortunately I’ve spent all of yesterday in bed, not feeling to well. At some point I tried cleaning and disassembling my bike, but I got light in the head and crawled back into bed. On top of that my legs hurt like hell from that stupid climb down the mountain :-) Note to self: just take it easy man.... Such a shame to spend a day in bed while being in Cape Town though. I would have loved to visit Robben Island or the district 6 museum. However things are the way they are. Can’t change anything about that... This morning I felt a lot better though. My final day of this trip! Where has time gone!

19/05/15, Climbing Table Mountain

So riding my bike down to the Cape of Good Hope was one of the things I really wanted to do during my stay in Cape Town. The other thing was hiking up Table Mountain, Cape Town’s most prominent landmark and some 1085 meters high. So climbing up there was my aim for today! However when I made it to breakfast the top of the mountain was covered in clouds. I had a nice easy breakfast with Loraine and Lisa and hoped that the clouds would disappear, but at 930 they still hadn’t, so I figured I would just go downtown instead.

So I went back to my room, fumbled around a bit and once I came downstairs again most clouds had disappeared :-) So I changed my plans back to my original plans and took an uber to the Botanical Garden, from which I would follow the Skeleton Gorge up towards the top of the mountain! Google said it would take me 5 to 6 hours to summit along this route so I was not sure what to expect. 

19/05/14, stage 85, Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope

I don’t expect people to understand, but today I rode my bike. I know I just finished some 10.500 bike ride from Cairo to Cape Town, but I had this one last ride on my mind. And I’m not the only one who intended to do it... Because we havn’t reached the end of the continent yet. While it’s so close!

I had to make the ride today though, otherwise it would probably not happen. So this morning at the break of day I set off for my one final ride to the Cape of Good Hope ( Kaap de Goede Hoop), the most South Western tip of Africa. The end of the continent. After heading south for many months, rounding the Cape would be the start of the journey east, towards the East Indies.